Just Who Are Three's A Crowd

“Unusual name. What does it mean?”

We get asked that a lot from new people. Why did we call ourselves ‘Three’s a Crowd’? Was it to do with the arcane arts of numerology?

Certainly, the number three has guided designers, artists, photographers and architects for centuries. There’s just something so very… magical… about it.

Since 2000, when we started Three’s a Crowd, we’ve helped shape some of Australia’s most influential brands. Melbourne-born and Melbourne-bred, Three’s a Crowd is still proudly independent.

Over the years, we’ve taken on projects big, small and inbetween. We’ve immersed ourselves in industries as varied as finance, food and government.

Along the way, we’ve cultivated relationships, collected accolades and collaborated with some of the smartest and most inspiring folk around.

Maybe there is something magic in that number ‘3.’

A lot is said about how fast the world moves nowadays. Blink and you’ll miss it. Blink and you’ll miss a fashion fad, two viral memes and three new cafes opening.

But there’s a lot to be said, too, for taking time to think about the bigger story.

At Three’s a Crowd, we’re all for making that investment. We’re for asking questions, for mapping out strategies and for exploring new paths. Is this the best way to connect with our audience? Will this influence the way they think? Could this solution be made better?

It’s this thinking that has led us to grow beyond pure design into creative strategy and digital to craft more fully-rounded ways to communicate. And we’ll keep evolving. That’s what passionately curious people do.

We’ll keep finding and mastering new ways to help our clients connect with their audience, be they customers, staff or stakeholders. Change is constant so solutions can’t be static. Change is what keeps us young and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

If you’re looking for a creative agency and you like the way we think, then we would definitely like to meet you. Who knows what kind of future we could have together. Three’s a Crowd, but we’ll always make room for kindred spirits.


03 9326 9133

112 Rosslyn Street
West Melbourne, Victoria
Australia 3003